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International Sustainable Remediation Alliance (ISRA)

International Sustainable Remediation Alliance (ISRA) is a global alliance of organisations whose goals are to work together cooperatively on joint initiatives relating to sustainable land management.  ISRA was launched at SustRem 2016, with its initial terms of reference.

ISRA would like to reach out to like minded organisations who share their common goals to partner in joint initiatives, to work together and support each other.

Links to Useful International Documents

ISO Standard: Guidance on Sustainable Remediation  

Sustainable Remediation SustRem Conference Abstracts and AquaConsoil Special Session

  • Sustainable Remediation (SustRem) 2018: Hosted by EKOS Brasil Presentations
  • Sustainable Remediation (SustRem) 2016: Hosted by SuRF Canada Presentations
  • Sustainable Remediation (SustRem) 2014: Hosted by SuRF Italy 
  • Sustainable Remediation (SustRem) 2012: Hosted by Umweltbendesamt 

 AquaConsoil 2019 Special Session - Sustainable Land Management

NICOLE & COMMON FORUM Position Statement: Risk-informed and Sustainable Remediation, 2013