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GroundWater Spatiotemporal Data Analysis Tool (GWSDAT)

GWSDAT is an open source, user-friendly, software application for the visualisation and interpretation of groundwater monitoring data.

GWSDAT v3.00, which is a new, online version, is now available at

Key features include:

  • Visualisation of site wide trends in solute concentrations, NAPL thickness and groundwater flow velocity for conceptual site model development.
  • Spatiotemporal analysis: variation in groundwater solute concentration is modelled as a function of X,Y and time.
  • Automatic generation of concentration contour plots at user specified time intervals, with the option to overlay groundwater elevation contours and NAPL thickness/ footprint data.
  • Automatic report generation tools.

Business Benefits

  • Improved data transparency helps design and optimise groundwater monitoring or remediation programmes (i.e. avoid the collection of redundant data).
  • Early identification of new releases, migration pathways, need for corrective action and stable/ declining trends that may aid in closure determinations.
  • Rapid interpretation of complex data sets from large monitoring networks (e.g. refineries, terminals).
  • More efficient evaluation and reporting of groundwater monitoring trends via simple, standardised plots and tables created at the 'click of a mouse'.

GWSDAT: GroundWater Spatiotemporal Data Analysis Tool