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SuRF-UK is the United Kingdom’s Sustainable Remediation Forum – an initiative set up to progress the UK understanding of sustainable remediation and sustainable land management. SuRF-UK is also a member of International Sustainable Remediation Alliance (ISRA).

If you are interested in the work of SuRF-UK, please contact Nicola Harries (

We recognise that there is a lot of information, so we have provided the SuRF-UK User Guides to get you started. Further information is provided in the SuRF-UK Roadmap below.

SuRF-UK User Guides


Discover more about sustainable remediation


 Share information and raise awareness of sustainable remediation


 Apply sustainable remediation on a project

Starting point: Animation.
The video animation above provides a quick overview.

Key Reading:

Starting point: Animation.
The video animation above provides a quick overview.

Key Reading: 

Key Reading:

SuRF-UK Roadmap


SuRF-UK Framework  


Sustainable Management Practices Report and Spreadsheet 2021 
Project Framing and Planning a Sustainability Assessment
Tier 1- Qualitative Assessment 
Links to guidance
Tier 2 - Semi-quantitative Assessment
Links to guidance
Tier 3 - Quantitative Assessment
Links to guidance


Illustrative Case Studies, reports, information sources
SuRF-UK Case Studies and Bulletins, Journal Papers, SuRF-UK webinar, SuRF-UK animation and SuRF-UK Certificate of Assessment

Older and withdrawn reports  

To navigate through the SuRF-UK web pages, please hover over the relevant section that you require on the road map and short cuts will direct you to the relevant page, alternatively navigate using the articles index below.

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