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NQMS SQP Register

Detailed below is the Suitably Qualified Person register for the National Quality Mark Scheme for Land Contamination Management.

Only individuals on this register have undertaken the necessary training and passed the required examination. Individuals acting in this role ensure that good practice is consistently and demonstrably applied.

If you have any queries regarding this register, please go to the Help Desk and raise a help request under NQMS.

Results 1 - 108 of 108
SQP No. Name Awarding Organisation Company Declarations
SQP0003 PAUL Brown SiLC WYG Environment 0120-C3156, 0220-C3499
SQP0004 Michael Woodcock SiLC Environment Agency
SQP0005 Helen Smith SiLC Leap Environmental Ltd 1117-A2049, 0418-A2756, 0618-A3014, 0618-A3079, 0618-A3080, 0119-A8306
SQP0006 Roger Clark SiLC Marlowclark Consulting Limited 0317-A1260, 0317-A1272, 0317-A1273, 0317-A1274
SQP0007 Danny Hope SiLC Hydrock
SQP0008 Ian Mead SiLC Jacobs
SQP0009 Francis Westcott SiLC Westenviro Ltd
SQP0010 Chris Eccles SiLC Redstart NW Ltd
SQP0011 James Clay SiLC Campbell Reith Hill LLP
SQP0012 Tim Cawood SiLC TJC Environmental Ltd
SQP0013 Simon Burr SiLC Campbell Reith Hill LLP
SQP0014 Andrew McCusker SiLC WSP
SQP0015 Linsey Cottrell SiLC SWECO
SQP0016 Ian Wilson SiLC RSK Environment Ltd 0718-A3081, 1218-A7771, 1218-A8188
SQP0017 Alex Large SiLC Horizon Consulting Engineers Limited
SQP0018 Jonathan Smith SiLC Shell Global Solutions (UK)
SQP0019 Tom Parker SiLC Argentum Fox Ltd 1217-A2214, 0118-A2289, 1018-A7407
SQP0020 Allen Murray SiLC Advisian
SQP0021 Paddy Daly SiLC Provectus Remediation Group
SQP0023 Lucy Thomas SiLC RSK Group PLC 0817-A1724, 0817-A1726, 0618-A2988
SQP0024 Emma King SiLC SWECO
SQP0025 Tom Henman SiLC RSK 0118-A2450, 0118-A2452, 0918-A7340, 0918-A7362, 1218-A8189, 0419-B8040, 0519-B9804, 0619-B9917, 0919-C0264, 0120-C2667, 0120-C2984, 0120-C3168, 0320-C3755, 0420-C5387, 0520-C5451
SQP0026 Jenny Lightfoot SiLC Arup
SQP0027 Robert Lingard SiLC Jacobs
SQP0029 Tim Morgan SiLC Arup
SQP0030 Kelvin Hughes SiLC Delta Simons 0219-A8602, 0519-B9563
SQP0031 Neil Gray SiLC ERM
SQP0032 Afam Obinwa SiLC DTS Raeburn Ltd
SQP0033 Matt Logan SiLC
SQP0034 Daniel Cooper SiLC Advisian 0817-A1707, 0817-A1723, 0817-A1727, 0817-A1733, 1019-C1708, 0620-C5560, 0620-C5576
SQP0035 Peter Witherington SiLC RSK Group PLC 0717-A1594, 0818-A3171, 0819-C0255
SQP0036 Margaret Cliff SiLC Roundhay Environmental Consulting Ltd 0319-A9207
SQP0037 Richard Knott SiLC AECOM
SQP0038 Christopher Sakalas SiLC Geosak Consulting Limited
SQP0039 Andrew Lawrance SiLC Mott Macdonald Ltd
SQP0041 Ian Evans SiLC Wood plc 0619-C0008
SQP0042 Mark Knight SiLC Advisian
SQP0043 Jason Clay SiLC Senversa Pty Ltd
SQP0044 Seamus Lefroy-Brooks SiLC LBHGEO
SQP0045 Gary McGuicken SiLC RSK Group PLC
SQP0046 Roni Savage SiLC Jomas Associates
SQP0047 Joanne Strange SiLC Card Geotechnics Ltd 0318-A2649
SQP0048 Claire Dickinson SiLC Geo-Environmental Matters Ltd
SQP0050 Jonathan English SiLC City of Lincoln Council 0317-A1276, 0817-A1610
SQP0051 Peter Russell SiLC RSK Environment Ltd
SQP0052 Lucy Bethell SiLC Mott Macdonald
SQP0053 Martin Hastie SiLC Wardell Armstrong LLP 0917-A1734, 0719-C0207, 0719-C0211, 0719-C0212
SQP0055 Hannah Fraser SiLC H Fraser Consulting Ltd
SQP0056 Joanna Wilding SiLC RSK Environment Ltd 0619-B9833
SQP0058 Andy Moore SiLC DGS
SQP0059 Richard Blaney SiLC Forge Environmental Management Limited
SQP0061 Celia Pendlebury SiLC Caulmert Ltd 0317-A1275
SQP0062 Liz Hart SiLC Lithos Consulting - LEEDS 0518-A2851
SQP0063 Gary Marshall SiLC WS Atkins Limited 0517-A1440, 1117-A2207, 1217-A2209, 1217-A2270, 0318-A2453, 0318-A2651, 0618-A2969
SQP0064 Madeleine Bardsley SiLC Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure UK Ltd
SQP0065 Alex Staton SiLC AECOM Infrastructure & Environment UK Ltd 0718-A3118, 1218-A7467, 1218-A7768, 1218-A7769, 1218-A7770, 1119-C1745
SQP0066 Chris Hepworth SiLC G&J Geoenvironmental Consultants
SQP0067 Clive WIlliams SiLC Mott MacDonald 0419-B8015, 0419-B8097
SQP0068 Greg Jones SiLC Remada Ltd 0517-A1325
SQP0069 Steve Pettitt SiLC RSK Environment Ltd
SQP0070 Jonathan Steeds SiLC Atkins Ltd 1217-A2278, 1217-A2286, 1217-A2287, 1217-A2288, 0318-A2667, 0318-A2697, 0318-A2698, 0318-A2699
SQP0071 Paul Burden SiLC Defence infrastructure Organisation
SQP0072 Gary Graveling SiLC
SQP0073 Caroline Jones SiLC Atkins
SQP0074 Richard Meredith SiLC GeoEnvironmental Consulting Ltd 0220-C3370, 0620-C5559
SQP0075 Trevor Jones SiLC AdvanSci Limited
SQP0076 Lawrence Bowden SiLC AECOM Infrastructure and Environment UK Ltd 0118-A2289, 0620-C5524
SQP0077 Heather Di Lauro SiLC Golder Associates
SQP0078 Katie Foster SiLC Cube Homes
SQP0079 Luiza Dumitrescu SiLC Atkins
SQP0081 Paul Sheehan SiLC Langan International
SQP0082 Sarah Bullock SiLC Atkins Ltd
SQP0083 Theresa Cory SiLC Environment Agency
SQP0085 Louise Beale SiLC SLR Consulting 0719-C0015, 0719-C0206
SQP0086 Tony Brown SiLC WSP UK Ltd
SQP0087 Paul Dennis SiLC Arup
SQP0088 Stephen Mallett SiLC BuroHappold 0319-B7185, 0420-C5442
SQP0089 Emma Peace SiLC AECOM 0518-A2922, 0618-A2981, 0718-A3165, 0718-A3170, 0918-A7238, 0918-A7339, 0319-B7191, 0819-C0213, 0220-C3497, 0220-C3576, 0420-C5437, 0620-C5460
SQP0091 Nick Brewer SiLC LBW Environmental Projects
SQP0092 Melanie Lyons SiLC RSK Group 1219-C2314, 0420-C4938
SQP0093 Ben Thomas SiLC Smith Grant LLP
SQP0094 Chris Meakin SiLC Advisian
SQP0095 Dino Giordanelli SiLC Mott MacDonald
SQP0097 Owen Williams SiLC Brownfield Development Services
SQP0098 Carrie Rose SiLC Atkins
SQP0099 Hilary Ilsley SiLC jnpgroup consulting engineers 0620-C5577, 0720-C5594
SQP0100 Eleanor Walker SiLC Leeds City Council
SQP0101 Alan Swales SiLC Lithos Consulting Ltd
SQP0102 Melanie Rowley SiLC RSK
SQP0103 Paul Nathanail SiLC LQM 1019-C1033
SQP0104 Robert Hodges SiLC Crossfield Consulting Ltd
SQP0105 Mike Owens SiLC RSK
SQP0106 Timothy Hull SiLC BWB Consulting
SQP0107 Hallan Sambrooke SiLC Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council
SQP0108 Paul Shelley SiLC Hydrock
SQP0110 Roderick Smith SiLC John Grimes Partnership Ltd
SQP0112 Mark Field SiLC Vertase F.L.I. Limited
SQP0113 Philip Thomas SiLC RPS Group
SQP0115 Richard Stockwell SiLC Waterman Group
SQP0116 Anthony Joyce SiLC Michael D Joyce Associates LLP
SQP0117 Marcus Bell SiLC Environmental Protection Strategies Ltd 0120-C3322, 0120-C3346, 0120-C3363, 0720-C6501, 0720-C6505
SQP0118 Roddy Buchanan SiLC Ecologia Environmental Solutions Limited
SQP0119 Nigel Snedker SiLC WSP
SQP0120 James Nelson SiLC Discovery CE Limited
SQP0121 Duncan Scott SiLC Vertase FLI Ltd
SQP0122 Jane Atere SiLC Atkins Limited
SQP0123 Alison Nicholson SiLC BuroHappold