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NQMS Local Authority Feedback Questionnaire

NQMS logoNational Quality Mark Scheme for Land Contamination Management (NQMS) Steering Group would like feedback from Contaminated Land Professionals and Leads in Local Authorities who have reviewed land contamination reports that have an NQMS declarations attached.

We are looking for feedback on the quality and standard of the report and what you generally think about the NQMS.

This feedback will be anonymised and shared with the NQMS Steering group to help improve the scheme and is part of the ongoing commitment of auditing the progress of the scheme.

Additional pointers

For assistance on a question, please roll over the information icon to the left of the question.

When reviewing reports the SQP will use a series of questions. These are given in Appendix 1 of the CL:AIRE overview document. You can also use these as pointers to see if the report meets requirements.

Related documents

Quick Guide: Brief Introduction to the NQMS

EA Position statements: position statement J9 in The Environment Agency’s approach to groundwater protection

CL:AIRE: Appendix 1 of the CL:AIRE overview document

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