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DoW CoP Insight is a service proposed by CL:AIRE Initiatives Ltd (CL-i) to project teams / DoW CoP users at the planning stage of the following types of projects:

  • Large scale sites,
  • Complex projects,
  • Phased projects,
  • Soil treatment facilities,
  • Soil depots,
  • Cluster projects,
  • Complex red line boundary projects, and
  • Multiple sites set up…

This service will provide advice, oversight, and / or progress reviews of a specific site or group of sites. This will enable the project team to make informed decisions and help ensure all DoW CoP requirements are included and programmed in the works strategy.

A proposal of the services will be provided to the project team based on the scope of the service required, complexity of the project and the level of support required. This will confirm the extent and price of support CL:AIRE can provide.

 To have CL-i support you in your project planning and / or our design of materials strategy, please follow the process below:

  1. Complete an enquiry form (below) to detail the scope of the project and request an initial consultation (free of charge) to discuss the overall project, key concerns and service requirements.
  2. Receive a proposal from the DoW CoP Insight Team.
  3. Sign and return proposal agreement with Terms and Conditions.
  4. Upload all the relevant documentation to CL:AIRE Website.
  5. If required, the DoW CoP Insight Team will arrange further meetings with relevant parties.
  6. Receive advice and services required within the agreed timescale.

 Main benefits of the DoW CoP Insight service to projects:

  • Ensures compliance with DoW CoP requirements for materials strategy at planning / design stage of the project.
  • The DoW CoP Insight Team assists and supports early engagement with relevant authorities.
  • Supports the development of solutions to optimise material reuse and creating a circular economy.
  • Reduces project costs by minimising material transportation and disposal.
  • Provides guidance on common pitfalls in materials management and DoW CoP compliance.

You will need to be registered on the website in order to see the consultation contact form below.

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