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CL:AIRE keeps a Register of Materials and services which might fall within the DoWCoP.

To see the full lists of Donor, Receiver and STF sites, click on the links in the menu above. The Register is FREE to use but to submit a site, you must first create a website user account.  

Please check the record in the appropriate Donor, Receiver or Hub site list for further site details and/or to enquire about the availability of the materials.

Disclaimer: The map markers should be considered indicative only and not an exact location as they are reliant on the quality of the data provided.


Donor Sites
Receiver Sites
Soil Treatment Facilities

This Register helps to link material holders with projects requiring materials.

Organisations involved in the management of development sites are urged to register key information to be held confidentially and presented by CL:AIRE.

For example - which sites are being or are due to be remediated/developed? What treatment options are in use or available in an area of the country?

Where there are site imbalances of soils or fill materials CL:AIRE will review the information provided against the register and contact organisations where we see possible project partnerships.

CL:AIRE will act to make the introductions and offer any further services as required in order to ensure successful partnerships are achieved.

CL:AIRE's independence in the market and familiarity with the DoWCoP means it is well positioned to act as a trusted administrator of such an initiative.

For any technical queries relating to the Definition of Waste: Code of Practice please contact Nicholas Willenbrock at