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*** Only if you are already a QP (Qualified Person) under the Definition of Waste Code of Practice (DoW CoP). ***

Complete a DoW CoP project Declaration on the CL:AIRE Initiatives Portal >>>

This Declaration relates to all scenarios of the DoW CoP - Site of Origin, Direct Transfer, Cluster Project

The online Declaration form above, once complete, is automatically sent to CL:AIRE who will issue an acknowledgement and administer the Declaration fee payment after its submission. (See section - DoW CoP Fee Payment)

There must be no possibility of Qualified Persons checking their own work. As such, any direct involvement in the initial stages of the project design excludes that individual from acting in the Qualified Person role on that project.

Once the Declaration is submitted, the Qualified Person role is finished and that person could go on to take a direct role in the management and execution of the project.

It is not recommended, nor desirable, to send a further copy of the Declaration to the local office of the Environment Agency.

The Environment Agency will manage and communicate decisions regarding audits etc. centrally.

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