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To support improvements to the DoW CoP scheme and more widely the services of CL:AIRE, a small Declaration fee is applied to all projects reusing more than 5,000m3.

Alongside this, as of 2019, an administration fee also applies to each Declaration to cover the cost of efficiently progressing and issuing Declaration receipts. Until 30 September 2021 (inclusive) the administration fee was £85 (+ VAT). From 1 October 2021, the administration fee is £165 (+VAT).

Payment is due on submission of the project Declaration and can only be made by BACS, or by card via the phone.

The Declaration fee system applies only to projects over 5,000m3 and is charged £10 per 1,000m3 e.g. 1,000 x £0.01. Projects volumes are rounded up to the nearest 1,000m3, therefore a project with a volume of 17,250m3 would be rounded up to 18,000m3 and pay a fee of £180 (+ VAT).

Projects involving <5,000m3 will only accrue the administration fee per Declaration.


The table below provides an indication of current typical fees.

Project size up to Fee (+VAT) Admin fee (+VAT) Total 
5,000m3 £0 £165 £165
6,000m3 £60 £165 £225
7,000m3 £70 £165 £235
8,000m3 £80 £165 £245
9,000m3 £90 £165 £255
10,000m3 £100 £165 £265
….for all subsequent 1,000m3 units e.g. …..      
20,000m3 £200 £165 £365
50,000m3 £500 £165 £665
100,000m3 £1,000 £165 £1,165

Table 1 Example fees per project size.