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CL:AIRE aims to help QPs understand what the rules and procedures are for the Definition of Waste: Development Industry Code of Practice (DoW COP) and how they are to be used to manage disciplinary and grievance situations which may arise.

Fairness and transparency must always be promoted through clear, specific rules and procedures.

Where formal action is needed, it must be reasonable, fair and justified depending on the circumstances.

This will be achieved by considering the following:

  1. CL:AIRE and QPs must raise and deal with issues promptly and should not unreasonably delay meetings, decisions or confirmation of those decisions.
  2. CL:AIRE and QPs must act consistently.
  3. CL:AIRE must carry out any necessary reviews, to establish the facts of any situation arising.
  4. CL:AIRE must inform QPs of the basis of any problem(s) and give them an opportunity to put their case in response before any decisions are made.

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