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DoWCoP Verification Report

Please upload your Verification Report below as specified in the Definition of Waste Code of Practice Version 2, points 3.29, 3.30 and 3.31.

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Submitter Details
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Verification Report Declaration

I confirm that I am the person described in the Submitter Details section.

Where a document is being submitted, I have completed and reviewed this Verification Report document, in relation to the project and site described in the Site Details section, and I am satisfied that:

  • the work carried out is, to the best of my knowledge, undertaken with reasonable skill and care, and the information and data reported:  
    • describes an appropriate scope and objectives and
    • accords with relevant good practice guidance and standards and
    • is based upon appropriately robust science; and
    • is factually correct and have been appropriately reviewed.
  • all specialist aspects have been reviewed by an appropriately qualified/competent person with relevant skills and experience in that specialist area.
  • the interpretation and conclusions are reasonable.
  • the proposals to mitigate actual potential or residual risks are appropriate.

Note: The document that has been reviewed was prepared by the organisation named for the benefit of the named Client who has reliance upon it. Any professional liability arising from any proven negligent act or omission by the Company carrying out the work and publishing the document rests with that Company.