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As part of CL:AIRE’s ongoing commitment to improving industry practices and addressing challenges faced by professionals like yourself, we invite you to participate in a survey focused on the application of the Definition of Waste Code of Practice (DoW CoP) in various development projects. 

The DoW CoP is recognised as a crucial framework that streamlines regulatory processes related to material(s) management, facilitating reuse in construction and development projects. However, it is also recognised that practitioners often encounter hurdles when seeking approval for DoW CoP applications. 

Your insights are invaluable in comprehending the complexities and identifying areas for improvement. The following questionnaire aims to gather first-hand experiences, opinions, and data related to the challenges encountered in using the DoW CoP. Your responses will contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the current landscape and help shape discussions on potential enhancements to the process. 

Please take a moment to share your experiences and insights by answering the survey questions provided. Your input is crucial in fostering a collaborative effort towards a more efficient and effective regulatory framework. 

Please also share this survey within your network. Submissions will close on 31 January 2024.  

Thank you in advance for your time. 

DoW CoP Use Survey