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A few more material Donor and Receiver sites were added to CL:AIRE Register of Materials

You might find the perfect matching site and materials for your next redevelopment job here. 

Donor Sites:

  • D191 at Carlisle - 100,000m3 - Topsoil
  • D192 at Liverpool - 6,000m3 - Dredged Sand
  • D193 at Reading - 17,500m3 - Inert topsoil - laboratory analysis available.

Receiver Sites:

  • R94 at Hastings - 3,000m3 - Subsoil
  • R95 at Portland, Dorset - 200,000m3 - SHW Class 6A

Feel free to contact us about these or other sites on the Register, using the contact form on the Donor or Receiver site pages.

You can also register your current or future site(s) at Register of Materials.