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Managing the application of the DoW CoP on large or complex projects at planning stage, especially mixed site uses, phased works, or multiple redline boundaries presents both challenges and significant opportunities. Making the most out of the DoW CoP and getting it right is the key to reduce waste, associated environmental impact of materials transportation off site and to protect soil which is a valuable natural resource. Furthermore if you have circular economy and emissions targets, then optimising materials reuse in line with the DoW CoP may be a key factor for a successful and economical project. The CL:AIRE DoW CoP team is here to help.

We are pleased to introduce the DoW CoP Insight Service – a new resource designed to provide tailored advice on implementing the DoW CoP on projects and supporting the project team to make more informed decisions and programme adequate works strategies for materials reuse.

The service will be run by CL:AIRE Initiatives Ltd, CL:AIRE’s trading subsidiary. It entails an initial meeting to understand the project settings followed by a review of site-specific conditions and project team requirements. The main benefits may include compliance assessment at design stage, assistance with early engagement with relevant authorities, optimisation of materials reuse, reduction of project costs, guidance on common pitfalls in materials management and lesson learnt from other larger projects.

If you are interested in the possibilities this may create for a project, please follow the link to the DoW CoP Insight Service web page on the CL:AIRE website.