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CL:AIRE is delighted to announce the publication of the “LNAPL illustrated handbook”, entitled Illustrated handbook of LNAPL transport and fate in the subsurface

The LNAPL illustrated handbook presents best-practice guidance for the assessment and remediation of light non-aqueous phase liquids (LNAPLs) in the subsurface. LNAPLs notably include fuels and oils, for example petrol (gasoline), diesel and heating oils, and are amongst the most commonly encountered organic contaminants in the subsurface environment due to their ubiquitous use, accidental release and, perhaps, poor (historical) disposal. Central to the handbook and the management of risks posed is the development of conceptual models of LNAPL behaviour in common hydrogeological systems.

The LNAPL illustrated handbook provides a blend of technical detail and real world conceptualisation of the LNAPL problem and appropriate methods to investigate and manage it. The handbook also facilitates access to a wealth of detailed research, guidance and case study literature within the various topics covered. It will be useful to the practitioner and research communities, and also provide a valuable educational resource to others having a less direct interest or specialised knowledge.

The LNAPL illustrated handbook has been written by the following authors - Derek Tomlinson (Geosyntec Consultants), Steven Thornton (University of Sheffield), Alan Thomas (ERM), Stephen Leharne (University of Greenwich) and Gary Wealthall (Geosyntec Consultants) - and edited by Michael Rivett (University of Birmingham).

The production of the LNAPL illustrated handbook was funded by Shell Global Solutions (UK) and supported by the Environment Agency.

The LNAPL illustrated handbook can be downloaded for free at (PDF 17MB)