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CL:AIRE has released the Technology and Research Group (TRG) Annual Report for 2017

Its contents include the following parts, of particular note is Appendix 1 which describes the breadth of CL:AIRE's activities undertaken during the year:

  •     Background to CL:AIRE and the TRG
  •     2017 Annual Report
  •     Appendix 1 – CL:AIRE activities in 2017
  •     Appendix 2 – TRG Member Biographies
  •     Appendix 3 – Status of CL:AIRE Technology Demonstration Projects and Research
  •     Appendix 4 – CL:AIRE Resources (publications, online training and eLearning)

CL:AIRE’s TRG provides strategic review, support and steering functions for CL:AIRE’s activities.

Download here >>>