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Detailed below is the Register of Technicians in Gas Protection Verification (TGPV) under the Gas Protection Verification Scheme.

Only individuals on this register have undertaken the necessary training and passed the required examination. Individuals acting in this role ensure that good practice is consistently and demonstrably applied.

If you have any queries regarding this register, please go to the Help Desk and raise a help request under GPVS.

Name Company TGPV Certificate No.
Keith Barsby MEC Environmental Ltd 4X7LA4m9to
Chris Kynman Freelance ZavVhccw3U
Fiona MacDonald Johnson Poole & Bloomer 5tszfs35Sq
Rhys Owens Johnson Poole & Bloomer eU57WA4dRr
Chris Ingham Geoshield u6SlTwTvRn
Daniel Squire MEC Environmental ltd HfnpaH8DCL
Adam McDermott MEC Environmental vfqWAW7a1R
Michael (Tony) Smith Membrane Testing Solutions Ltd. 2UEiQm05Uq