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Case Studies


Concawe Sustainable Remediation Case Studies

CON01: Sustainable Remediation of a Former Vehicle Maintenance Facility for Mixed Use Development

CON02: Natural Source Depletion Assessment: UK Large-Scale Field Case Study

CON03: Sustainable In Situ Thermal Remediation

CON04: Sunshine on the Tyne - Sustainable Hydrocarbon Remediation

CON05: Reactive Mat in Canal Catches Groundwater Contaminants

CON06: Sustainable Remediation of a Petrol Release in a Chalk Aquifer

CON07: Biosparge of Benzene and Orthodichlorobenzene in Groundwater: A Sustainable Remedy

CON08: Sheen Mitigation Using an Oleophilic Bio Barrier - A New and Sustainable Remediation Technique

CON09: Natural Source Zone Depletion in a Dismantled Petrol Station

CON10: Sustainability Assessment Case Study - Groundwater Remediation Close-Out


Information Bulletins

SuRF-UK Case Study Template

SuRF-UK Steering Group would like to hear from any organisations or companies that are using or planning to use the document “A framework for assessing the sustainability of soil and groundwater remediation” when undertaking a sustainability assessment and would be willing to share their experiences as case studies.  

The Steering Group has produced a “Case Study Template “ (below) to assist those intending to submit a case study giving outline guidance on the type and level of information that they would wish to see included in a case study.

The Steering Group would also like to hear from organisations/companies who would like support whilst undertaking a sustainability assessment using the framework document. A Steering Group member would be willing to act as an observer during the sustainability assessment and would provide assistance and clarification on the SuRF-UK process where required.

For further information or submission of case studies, please contact


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