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This is an outline of the process to apply for TGPV or SGPV verifier status under the Gas Protection Verification Accreditation Scheme.

To become an accredited gas protection verifier you will need to apply and follow these four steps:

  1. Read Overview of GPVS Scheme
  2. Review the technical skills and competencies required for the Specialist in Gas Protection Verification (SGPV) and Technician in Gas Protection Verification (TGPV) and decide which is appropriate for you and that you would like to apply for.
  3. Watch the appropriate video above that explains the application process.
  4. Compile the evidence for your application.
  5. Register and login to the CL:AIRE website, fill in the online application, upload the supporting documentation and pay the application fee.

Please navigate through the process using the secondary menu on the right hand side. All steps are listed under GPVS Application Steps.

Following your application, you will need to wait to hear back from CL:AIRE regarding your application status, and whether you have been invited to attend an interview.

If you are invited to interview, you will be asked to schedule and attend an interview with the Assessors. This interview will, where possible, be conducted via video conference which will be recorded. On successful completion of the interview, you will be scheduled for a practical assessment. This will also be carried out via video conferencing.

The Assessors will advise CL:AIRE of their final decision regarding your application and you will then be provided with your results - either approval as a TGPV or a SGPV registered person, or feedback regarding the areas you need to improve in order to be approved.

Mentoring/Application questions

Should you have any queries regarding your application, or wish to ask for advice on the evidence you are submitting, please register with the CL:AIRE website (free), contact the CL:AIRE Help desk, go to “New Help Request” and select “Gas Protection Verification Accreditation Scheme” with the details of your enquiry.