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In order to submit your Application to become a TGPV Technician level of accreditation is intended for field technicians who confine their work to inspections and do not prepare verification design or method statements (although they will follow ones prepared by others) and do not prepare validation reports (although they do prepare field records that form part of the validation report) or SGPV Specialist level of accreditation applies to those involved in the whole range of gas protection verification including design of the verification, preparation of method statements, inspections and validation reports. Accredited Person, you will need to have prepared the following documentation:

      1. A current CV (If you do not have one, please complete our Create-a-CV form instead.) including:
        1. a summary of your experience (must have)
        2. details of any relevant qualifications(must have)
        3. membership of any industry bodies (optional for TGPV)
      2. details of any training you have undertaken that might be relevant
      3. Two Referee statements. It is important that your referees have knowledge of your skills and experience.
        To help you to request this information from your referees, we have provided you with a Referee Form . While you must provide two Referee statements, the use of our form is optional.
      4. For SGPV level:
        1. Example of both a Verification Plan and Final Validation Report that you have written and are for the same project. Important:The Validation Report you submit should be one that is finalised and suitable to be submitted to the local authority for sign off of planning conditions and prepared in line with BS8485 and CIRIA C735. 
        2. Prepare and submit a sample GPVS Declaration based on the Verification Plan and Final Validation Report you are submitting as part of your application.
      5. For TGPV level:
        1. Copy of a Verification Plan that you have carried out site inspections against and the Validation Report that has subsequently been prepared.

Please Note: If you have already been awarded NVQ Level 4 in Verification of Gas Protection Measures, you are eligible to automatically be awarded TGPV status and no further practical assessment will be needed, however registration payment will still be required. If you are applying for SGPV, an experience interview will be required only.